NYSE Arca Equity Indices


Index Name Symbol BB Code Reuters Code
NYSE Arca Airline Index XAL XAL .XAL
NYSE Arca Airline Total Return Index MLXAL MLXAL .MLXAL
NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index BTK BTK .BTK
NYSE Arca China Index CZH CZH .CZH
NYSE Arca Computer Hardware Index HWI HWI .HWI
NYSE Arca Computer Technology Index XCI XCI .XCI
NYSE Arca Defense Index DFI DFI .DFII
NYSE Arca Disk Drive Index DDX DDX .DDX
NYSE Arca Electric & Gas Infrastructure Index RPE RPE .RPE
NYSE Arca Environmental Services Index AXENV AXENV .AXES
NYSE Arca Equal Weighted Pharmaceutical Index DGE DGE .DGE
NYSE Arca Global Airline Index AXGAL AXGAL .AXGAL
NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index GDM GDM .GDM
NYSE Arca Hong Kong 30 Index HKX HKX .HKX
NYSE Arca Hong Kong Option Index HKO HKO .HKO
NYSE Arca Institutional Index XII XII .XII
NYSE Arca International Market Index ADR ADR .ADR
NYSE Arca Japan Index JPN JPN .JPN
NYSE Arca Junior Gold BUGS Index JHUI JHUI .JHUI
NYSE Arca Major Market Index XMI XMI .XMI
NYSE Arca Mexico Index MXY MXY .MXY
NYSE Arca Mini-Biotechnology Index BJE BJE .BJE
NYSE Arca Mini-Natural Gas Index MNG MNG .MNG
NYSE Arca Mini-Oil Index BZJ BZJ .BZJ
NYSE Arca Mini-Pharmaceutical Index KBK KBK .KBK
NYSE Arca Mini-Securities Broker/Dealer Index JBV JBV .JBV
NYSE Arca Natural Gas Index XNG XNG .XNG
NYSE Arca Networking Index NWX NWX .NWX
NYSE Arca North American Telecommunications Index XTC XTC .XTC
NYSE Arca Oil Index XOI XOI .XOI
NYSE Arca Pharmaceutical Index DRG DRG .DRG
NYSE Arca Securities Broker/Dealer Index XBD XBD .XBD
NYSE Arca Semiconductor Index SIS SIS .SIS
NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index PSE PSE .PSE
NYSE Arca Telecommunications Index PHN PHN .PHN
NYSE Arca Tobacco Index TOB TOBX .TOB
NYSE Arca U.S. Equity High Volatility Put-Write Index PUTWRT - - - .PUTWRT


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